An esteemed past, an exciting future

One of the leading real estate and development companies operating in Saudi Arabia today, Abdul Latif Jameel Real Estate Investment Co. Ltd (ALJREIC) is a sister company to Abdul Latif Jameel Group (ALJ), which was established in 1955. 

Proudly owned 100% by Saudi shareholders, the company’s aims are many and varied, with a core focus on developing hotels to accommodate the “religious” segment of the hospitality sector, focusing on Hajj and Umrah visitors and working closely with tour operators targeting visitors (primarily) from Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, Malaysia, Egypt and South Africa. Always looking forwards, ALJREIC continues to reflect an ethos of growth and progress, with the best interests of local communities shaping all we do.

Long-term planning, for long-term growth

Holding a large and diversified portfolio of lands (primarily concentrated in Makkah) with a total area of 54,000 sq m and market value approximately SR 7 billion, the company is currently overseeing development of the Jabal Al Kaaba project, which includes the Anjum Hotel – Makkah, the largest hotel in the Middle East. With a truly long-term vision for growth, the goal is to reach a total capacity of 8,000 across all hotel properties within the next 10 years. An ambitious plan which, with each passing day, comes ever closer to fruition.

From construction to hotel management to a new kind of spiritual hospitality… ALJREIC is a true company of the 21st century, building on a proud heritage of achievement.